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After trading more than USD 1bn clean power and emissions, Laurent Segalen and his partners founded Megawatt-X in 2013.

London-based Megawatt-X has one mission: enabling the funding of the Energy Transition.

We use four different channels: Investment, Transactions, Carbon, Knowledge.

Capital allocation

Megawatt-X helps investors maximise the value of their capital allocation in clean energy. We are good at this, because we invest our founders’ money in some of those ventures: for example, we have recently completed the sale of Zeigo a digital PPA platform in which we were seed investors to Schneider Electric, and have redeployed some of that capital in a leading German rooftop solar installer: FEBESOL.


Megawatt-X pilots and manages structured bespoke transactions between developers, asset owners and investors in Wind, Solar, Batteries and other renewables.

Since 2013, 15GW of renewable energy assets (Wind, Solar, Batteries) have been listed on our platforms.

Recent transactions include the financing of the development of MaresConnect, a new Interconnector GB-Ireland, by Foresight.


Laurent Segalen has been appointed at the Distinguished Advisory Group of the Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Markets.

The Integrity Council is an independent governance body for the voluntary carbon market. Its purpose is to ensure the voluntary carbon market accelerates a just transition to 1.5⁰C.

The Integrity Council sets and enforces definitive global threshold standards named Core Carbon Principles, drawing on the best science and expertise available, so high-quality carbon credits efficiently mobilize finance towards urgent mitigation and climate resilient development.


Megawatt-X co-hosts the Redefining Energy podcast, ranked as one the top 3 Energy podcast according to Google.

Launched in 2018, the podcast has been downloaded more than 1 million times and has gained multiple awards over the years.


Megawatt-X is a credible and successful advisory and on line asset sales platform that has been functional and is well known in the market for a period of time.
We are fascinated by Megawatt-X’ market views and are a big fan of the Redefining Energy Podcast.
We are using Megawatt-X platform and sent a request for more information on one of your active opportunities. Platform looks really nice.
Itochu has been very pleased by our collaboration with Megawatt-X on a complex subject. We have appreciated their industry insights, international reach and intellectual rigor in both planning and execution. We look forward pursuing this partnership.
We confirm Megawatt-X’s expertise in renewables as there are only a few of firms and professionals with such a deep understanding of this sector, business trends, risks and stakes, and more importantly the recognition from market players.
We confirm our satisfaction with the engagement of Megawatt-X on recent renewable energy transactions. We have been particularly satisfied with the range of services provided by the company, its technical expertise and the depth of its relationships in the global investor community.
Adiant Capital
Our interactions with Megawatt-X have been positive, credible and professional
TOTAL-EREN has been using Megawatt-X platform for a few years now. The opportunities presented are varied and worldwide-based. We appreciate the ease-of-use of the system and the readiness of the team to provide information relevant to us. We recommend this platform for developers and investors alike.


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Megawatt-X is an advisory service proposed by Megawatt-X Ltd.

Megawatt-X do not directly provide any execution or transaction clearing services. Those services can be provided by associate partners, fully regulated, upon request.

All information, knowledge and set-up are confidential and protected by IP.